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Chuckie Glider Information


One of the greatest ever design challenges facing aeromodellers is the humble chuck glider.


She needs to be strong and stable at high speed to withstand the launch yet light and stable to float back to mother earth at a minimum sink rate to extend the flight time. There is also the dilemma of how to trim a model to climb steeply at high speed without it looping back over and clattering the launcher on the back of the head, never mind trying to think through what on earth is happening with the aerodynamics as the model transitions from the launch speed to wafting speed.


Construction Rules are that the model is to be made solely from a 1/8"x4"x18" balsa sheet (expected to be used for the wings, tailplane and fin) and a 1/4"x1/2"x18" balsa strip (expected to be used for the fuselage) which will be supplied to each entrant on the day.

The entire model must be made on the day and solely from some or all of the supplied sheet and strip. Exactly how you use it is up to you, but that is all you get. The entrant chops up and glues the wood back together and the shapes into which the lumber is chopped and glued back together is where the ingenuity lies. Lead flashing will be provided to assist in balancing the model, CA and kicker will be supplied to build and repair models as well as a token effort of modelling knives, abrasives and cutting mats. Entrants are welcome (even encouraged) to bring and use their own

tools. If you fancy making a practise model in the meantime then you will get change from £3 for enough wood to fashion two entire models at Slough's prices - who said aeromodelling is expensive ??


The Flying Competition will be a series of head-to-head fly-offs. Depending on how many folk enter the competition there will be either a single league where all entrants fly against all other entrants or several leagues where entrants fly against every other entrant in their group.


Following the group/league stage the overall winner will be decided by a series of finals which, again depending how many entrants there are, will either be the top two going into a final or the top 4 or 8 going into semi or quarter finals.


For the head-head fly-offs, the competitors will launch simultaneously when a whistle is blown (you'll be given a clue with a countdown from 3), any loitering after the whistle has blown will be penalised. In the group/league stages, flying for 1 second or more than than your opponent will count as a win ; if the gliders land within 1 second of each other then it will be considered a draw.


Materials etc. will be available and build can be started from 4:00pm, registration will close at 5:00pm (possibly a bit later but as it is dependent on the number of entrants - I'll need a couple of minutes to organise the competition schedule) and competition flying will start at 6:00pm and should be all done and dusted by 7:30pm.


Useful Chuckie Challenge Links:-


Building:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omi4qcwtAaA

Flying :- (NOTE! Hand launch only - no catapults):-https://www.youtube.com/watch?V= gtOy4JzG9uY


If you need inspiration there are a lot of plans available on the Internet.

A selection of various pages are listed here.

(NOTE! in the competition the entire airframe is to be constructed from only a sheet of 1/8"x4"x18" balsa and a strip of 1/4"x1/2"x18" balsa):- http://www.outerzone.co.uk/search/results.asp?keyword=chuck+glider

On a side note, these rocket launched free flight gliders look mental and the rubber powered "Spruce Goose" is sweet:- http://flitetest.com/articles/rocket-glider-free-flight