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High Wycombe and District Model Aircraft Club

British Model Flying Association





Club Fees (2019)

The Club is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association which is the National Governing Body for

the sport of model aircraft flying in this country.  


Members of our club are also required to join the BMFA which provides third party insurance and other



Club and BMFA membership runs from January to December.


Fees for the year starting 1st January 2019.  (Half year fees apply from 1st July)


         Membership Class          Club Fee       BMFA Fee  Initial Club Joining Fee


         Senior (full year)                    £55.00         £38.00         £45.00

         Junior (under 18 full year)       £16.00         £17.00         £20.00

         Senior (half year)                   £30.00         £25.00         £45.00

         Junior (half year)                    £10.00         £13.00         £20.00

         Partner                                  £55.00         £25.00         £45.00          

         Family Junior                          £16.00         £13.00    

         Social                                    £20.00        


If you are already a BMFA member you do not need to pay the BMFA fee again.