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Concours Competition Rules and Categories


Please bring along those projects that you have been working on during the long winter months and let everyone admire  

them. You could even win a prize for doing so. Every year we hear people saying that they could have won, so come and    

show us. Remember “You have to be in it to win it.” Entries can be finished or unfinished (although preferably not just the kit  

box), flown or unflown. Members will use their impeccable judgement to decide the best in each category and the  

Committee members present will use something akin to magic to determine the overall Best in Show.


There are seven categories of model: Scale, Sport, Glider, Helicopter, ARTF, Project and Junior.

If you are in any doubt then the Committee will determine which category your model is in.

Junior members (under 18 on the day) are urged to enter as the Pete Ward Trophy is well worth having on display and it was

not awarded last year due to a lack of entrants.

Every member present is entitled to vote using their own criteria.

More details and rules are below.



The rules are basically the same as the previous year, but there are a few minor differences.

Please come early enough to set up. Setup must be completed by 20:00pm.


Concours Competition Rules

Only paid up members may enter.

Last year’s 1st place winning planes are excluded from competing in the same category.

ARTF models are defined as having the fuselage and wings, if built up, purchased already fully covered or painted; foam  

models are ARTF; foam-winged aircraft bought with covered or painted fuselage are ARTF. All others are eligible for other

classes and will be judged according to the design/building content and quality.

Incomplete aircraft are Projects.

Gliders with motor assistance are still gliders.

Each model must have an information sheet detailing the proportion of constructional involvement by the entrant and any

additional information such as “Built from kit, own design, etc.” that might affect the judging.

The committee reserves the right not to award a trophy if, in their opinion, the standard of entries in a particular Category

does not merit an award.


The Committee (2015)