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Photo Competitions

Category :- Aviation Art

Finalist Aviation Art - Sea King

Finalist - Sea King

Gavin Compton

Champion Aviation Art - P40 in the wing mirror

Winner - P40 in the wing mirror

Roger Aslett


Category :- Real

Finalist Real - Red Arrows Cross Over Finalist Real - Red Arrows Small Formation

Finalist - Red Arrows Crossover

Malcolm Connell

Finalist - Red Arrows Small Formation

Malcolm Connell

Finalist Real - Red Arrows Twist

Finalist - Red Arrows Twist

Malcolm Connell

Champion Real - Spitfire and Hurricane Close Forma

Winner -  Spitfire and Hurricane in close formation

Mike Winston

Category :- Model

Finalist Model - Jonathan's Sea Fury

Finalist - Sea Fury

Mike Winston

Finalist Model - Graham's KI45

Finalist - KI45

Mike Winston

Finalist Model - Mark's Hurricane

Finalist - Hurricane

Brian Seymour

Champion Model - Pete's Flair SE5a

Winner - Flair SE5A

Brian Seymour

Category :- Video