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Spring Flyin

The “Rack ‘em and Stack ‘em” start of season fly-in.


Gentlemen (and ladies), as a prelude to the start of the flying season we thought we would kick this

year off with a fun fly in to get us started.

The desired objective will be to see how many pilots we can get in the air at any one time.


Man alive!, this is going to be something to see, with the potential for utter disaster and tears before

bedtime it’s going to be something to tell your grand kiddies.

Obviously this will require nerves of “Krupp” steel and a strong constitution so I urge you to “come

on down” and join the fun.


It is proposed that we gather in the morning approx 11am (or thereabouts) to practise our bomber

stream manoeuvres, avoid the flack dished out by everyone else, and fine tune those engines to

peak perfection


Around 1pm or so we shall retire to the clubhouse for some tea and light refreshments where the

brave participants will be informed of the flying order and exactly what to do to ensure this is a fun,

but more importantly, a safe event.


With this in mind we are looking for a couple of volunteers to act as flight marshals on the day to

relay pilots callouts, and the flight directors directions, so that all participants are aware of what is

going on around them without having to take their “eye off the ball” so to speak. The flight

marshalls will also be responsible for keeping unruly members in line (you know who you are), lol.


Flyers wishing to partipate must have an ‘A’ certificate and a model capable of keeping up with the

slowest flyer in the stream.  Most of us can muster up something that doesn’t have the top speed

and stall characteristics of a butterfly.


As an addition there may yet be a “carrier landing event” afterwards (details yet to be finalised),

which should also prove to be highly amusing and a worthy test of skill.


Competition Sec