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Prospective new members need to be aware the club maintains a standard for flying competency via the BMFA Power Achievement Scheme and we will encourage and help you to gain your basic ‘A’ certificate for fixed wing competence via the provision of tuition on an informal basis.

The club has a number of volunteer instructors who try to be available at weekends to assist beginners via buddy boxes, which are provided by the club. We will be providing a hovering patch where beginners can develop their rotary wing skills. The club has examiners who can test candidates for fixed wing, rotary or drone.

Pilots must not fly models without the supervision of an experienced pilot until they have passed the BMFA “A” test. 

HWDMAC Training Policy issue 1 - Page6

We do not at present have a formal training plan. When we institute one it will be posted here.

However, many members will help with getting you started and providing instruction.